Sport Facilities

Ranna pst 2, 80010, Pärnu
Rakvere Stadium
Kastani puiestee 12, 44307, Rakvere
First sport competitions were presented on the same place already in the 19th century. The stadium was opened in Kastani Avenue 1930th in May. With the most recent renovation in 2004 next to the stadium modern sports complex were built
Tallinn Sports Arena
Herne 30, 10132, Tallinn
Tallinn Sports Hall has been and still is home hall for many Estonian professional athlete. Throughout the years there have been held many major indoor competitions : Erki Nool Reval Cup, Reval Hotels Cup, rowing competition Alfa, Finland-Sweden-Baltic country challange in athletics,  Baltic match in athletics, Big Kuldliiga, competition serie TV10 Olypic start, different competitions in judo and karate,  contests in weight lifting, summer camps „Et suvi ei läheks luhta“ etc.  Also there have been held different sports  days for companies, expo’s and concerts.
Tartu Tamme Stadium
Tamme pst 1, 50403, Tartu
Tartu Tamme Stadium has a long history and traditions being main football and athletics stadium Tartu. Athletes can use modern athletics stadium in many different ways to conduct training sessions and competitions.
Türi Stadium
Tolli tn 51, 72214, Türi
Türi stadium got new and modern track surface in 2004.